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  • Provides High Quality Materials from Reputed Manufactures
  • Prompt Delivery as per Customer Schedule
  • Quick Response to Customer Queries
  • Worldwide Sourcing Options
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Efficient & Effective Product Sizing and Selection
  • On-time Customer Support
  • Keep in Pace with latest developments by constantly upgrading the knowledge of Products.

We believe in superior quality materials and ensure that only quality materials been supplied. HP provides scaffolding & formworks according to EN, BI and OSHA standards. We provide material test certificates (MTC) from the manufacturer for each material we are supplying. HP does not compromise on safety and security.

We import large quantity of materials regularly, to maintain our stock as well as to meet the requirement of our clients.

As an accredited supplier providing high value in your supplying of industrial materials, we keep the promise you gave to our customers: - “Quality materials and appropriate solutions just in-time at an affordable price.”

You name it, we get it.
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